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Questions & Answers 221 – Dehydration, Metastatic Adenocarcinoma, Progeria – Aging Disease

Anyone know of any Holistic Detox Clinics? If you do, please email Shannon at Thank you!!

How to bring an advanced person back to health.

07:19 – Hilde — Took you up on the nonorganic grape challenge, and this is what she got!

08:50 – John — I know you say that the symptoms of dehydration and an ability to fully rehydrate the body with water are a result of an acidic body. This is the current state I find myself in. No matter how much water I drink, I cannot rehydrate. I wanted to ask is there is anything in the Endocrine system, Pituitary, Thyroid, and Adrenals that could also cause an inability to rehydrate?

25:56 – Rozana — I am expressing you my deepest gratitude.

28:10 – Patty — I would greatly appreciate your help. My symptoms are: Hair loss, Severe abdominal bloating, Hypothyroidism, late bloomer (Puberty age 18, first period at 19) hard time losing weight, Liver congestion, Salt, starch and oil cravings, dry skin, Rashes on neck, 2 neck injuries on right side, Possible Prolapsed uterus, Neck and shoulder tightness, Lung congestion, fungal foot infections.

51:31 – Edwina — Metastatic Adenocarcinoma — If you had this diagnosis, what would you do with no primary source? Is it Lymph Nodes? Grapes are not an option where I live and especially organic (not this time of year). What about straight lemons?

57:10 – Scott — Berries and Melons. I have one problem that most of us are not aware of, is the rich potassium in these fruits that can be dangerous to a person with acute/sub acute or chronic kidney failure. In my experience working with Kidney failure patients, I have seen many rushed to the ER or even resulted in death due to high potassium.

1:11:33 – Gary — Why is neurologist Dr. Perlmuter telling people with neurological issues to eat fresh butter, a small piece of daily dark chocolate, avocados, eggs, organic raised meat, fish, red wine and coconut oil with nuts and seeds claiming that these foods "put out the fire of inflammation and that egg yokes are soothing on the brain and feed it the good fats the brain is made up from restoring its nutrients that have been lost. "

1:27:10- Andreas — I've decided to undertake a water fast and was wondering if you could clear up a couple of questions. Must I use distilled water? Should I continue with Dr. Morse's herbs while fasting? Would the addition of lemon juice to the water be a hindrance or ally to the cleanse?

1:31:16 – Paul — How would you deal with a child with Progeria the "Aging Disease"

1:34:55 – Mike — When my girlfriend pushes her stomach out and sucks it back in, we can hear a gurgling. It sounds to me like it is coming from the transverse colon. I am guessing it is excess fluid, gas or a combination of the two.

1:41:20 – Mindy — Many of the herbal formulas are benefical in helping with chronic fatigue but frequently say "if not cause by Epstein-barr virus". Can you discuss a little of the difference? What formulas beyond parasite (and for how long) should someone use for aftereffects of Epstein-barr? It was never treated with anti-virals.

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  1. Again, Thank you Dr Morse very much for answering my question at 57:10

  2. Great stuff! These videos just keep getting better and better.

  3. Thanks for addressing my case (Patty at 28:10)

  4. to address YouTuber question at  13:16
    If Pituitary is down or weak, then it would not secrete adequate ADH.  Thus, the water conservation of the kidneys is impaired.  How often is this person peeing?  This could be why they feel thirsty all of the time.

  5. Anybody know anything about fixing or correcting any Thyroid Eye disorder?

  6. Wish it was in the 30’s , Chicago is like 5′ and feeling somewhere below -0 with the wind chill

  7. I cant get through 5 minutes of these videos without hitting the thumbs-up.
    He is just so good.

  8. FOR SHARON:  Loren Lockman  -Tanglewood Wellness Center  -Supervised Water Fasting Retreat located in Costa Rica. Allowing you to get out of your way to allow the body to heal and rejuvenate.

  9. “Dr Perlmutter… you should smack your own butt” LMFAO 

  10. 28:00 Hahahaaa Love u dr. Morse…so true! lol <3

  11. Does a dehydrator used alot of electricity , especially when you don’t pay your own electricity.

  12. I’m so glad I didn’t go to the thievin’ hospital! lol A few years ago I shocked my gallbladder, which caused an episode of pancreatitis that turned chronic for 3 agonizing months. I finally caved and ate 100% raw fruits only. Then I was fine in a few days. =P Still have all my organs!

  13. I am having the same issue as John 8:50
    Thank you for the thoughts on this issue but you didn’t suggest a way to resolve this issue of dehydration and an inability to absorb more water.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as water just seems to just pass straight through me.

    • Communicate With Confidence // 22nd May 2018 at 10:35 am //

      I have the same issue and I find if I eat a lot of juicy fruits then I feel less thirsty. I still have a long way to go though.

    • Replenish Rewire You have to drink lots of structured water. What really help me was drinking plenty of fruit and vegetables juices throughout the day. I’m an athlete, so my joint used to sore all the time. Eating enough astringent fruits overtime should work as well

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