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Questions & Answers 225 – Colon, Snoring, Asthma, Fibroids, Colicky Babies

1:07 -Paulus — I've been ingesting the herbs and tinctures orally but also taking the tinctures rectally through a syringe, the prostate and kidney formulas. The first pic is a specimen that dropped out of the butt this evening without excrement, not sure what this gelatinous material is, do you? The second pic is of two specimens found in my poop, each are ¾" long with one ¼' wide and the other ½ wide, these are 3-D not flat. They have the texture of flesh and colored skin, kind of look like miniature white potatoes.

16:25 – Hilde – I am helping a woman with no colon, and only parts of her small intestine left. Do you know where Morse has spoken of this? I will do my best for her, she is in so much pain, and heavily medicated for pain, but very motivated. I am wondering about the Stomach and bowels formulas and the GI brrom in a case like that. Maybe a topic for a video?

31:27 – Debbie — Questions about snoring, colicky babies and water.

50:08 – Renato — I'm an asthma patient and I'm starting now to eliminate all the dairy products from the diet. I read that eggs are really healthy and not like most people say part of the dairy products, so I eat them everyday. I Would like to know your opinion on that.

52:23 – Nubia — I am writing to you because I am in need of help to find a school to become a Natural Pathologist or Health Coach. For as long as I can remember I've been conscience of the food I eat but I see that there is more for me to learn.

58:35 – YouAreWhatYouEat247 — My question is about using Pituitary glandular. If a 60-year-old lady with a very weak pituitary gland wanted to use the glandular could she also take the thyroid glandular at the same time?

1:18:01 – Sarah — My symptoms (or should I say areas of weakness and lymph stagnation) are low thyroid (Hashimotos), adrenal fatigue, polychondritis (nose, ears, joints affected) swollen hands, lack of concentration, depression, lack of menstruation (2 years now) pituitary tumor (may be gone because prolactin is now normal), lower back pain, IBS of course, low blood pressure, low white blood cells, low blood sugar, candida.

1:34:36 -Kerry — I'm scheduled to have an op to have very large fibroids removed (16+cm) Last June I started a course of injections to shrink them, it didn't work. I went through hell with the symptoms of menopause until I found Chinese herbs. Hot flashes went overnight. I've been on them for 2 months.

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  1. Some lost soul keeps disliking these videos, so sad.

  2.  funny I’m up at two am walking my dogs

  3. Thank you!

  4. I love your channel Dr. Morse. Ive learned so much because of your teachings. keep it up. I have some questions. Im a 19 year old male and ive changed my eating about five years ago. So thankfully i started sooner in life. i eat basically the 80/10/10 diet. which is the fruitarian diet. i do eat cooked starches even though i know fruits and veggies raw are the best. i just dont have the income to eat all raw fruits and veg. Even though id love to. So i have done alot of research on health and i have my own idea of what i should do for my conditions that i have but id love to hear what you have to say because i know you would have some great advice. so i have mid back pain that ive had for a long time. Its in the area where my adrenals are. I always have bags under my eyes and have since i was a child. which sadly most think is normal or ok but i know its not. I believe i have a genetic weakness in my adrenals. especially my left one. ive looked at my eyes and studied them well and they show adrenal weakness and my right kidney being genetically weak as well. i believe i have these weakness because of vaccines mostly, as well as other enviornmental factors. what can i do to really get my adrenals back into shape.  I cant even eat without feeling the strain on my adrenals and the pain from it. As a child i had fainting spells and cronic low blood pressure. The stupid doctors told me it was a good thing haha. they told me to seriously eat mcdonalds potato chips for the salt. to help my adrenals. which is a joke. its the same thing they tell my dad who just believes whatever the doctors say. i also use to have chronic headaches. but ever since i changed my water from tap to RO water, ive almost never had one again. What fruits would be the best to heal my adrenals. i imagine berries and melons. im a scorpio and ive heard that eating watery foods in general will be great for me because im akin to the water element. what herbs can i use for all of this adrenal junk and kidney filtering. i also noticed that i had an orange spot on my heart area in my right eye. what can i do to move that toxicity from my heart? please answer these in your next video. thanks very much.

  5. Thank you for your great sharing 🙂

  6. Thank you so much Doc. Who gave this video thumbs down? If you don’t like it go away, you constipated being. Much love to the good souls  

  7. Love this man very inspiring. Great stuff

  8. Thank You Dr. M !!!
    I now know how to get to WellVille!
    Not have to live my remaining years suffering!!!!

  9. Nettles is good for breast feeding moms.

  10. Beautifully Mature // 21st May 2018 at 4:39 pm //


  11. Saw this on a recent 2018 video on the recommended section to the right of the screen and had to click it FAST just cause I never seen Robert with hair on his chin before lol! He looks even more wise like this!

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