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Questions & Answers 254 – Rectum Lesion, Master Cleanse, Filtering

06:20 – Judy – Thank you for your help in advance I love the way you care about each case. 🙂 My mother who is 75, against my advice, had chemo, radiation and surgery for a lesion on her rectum. She is now recovering from the second surgery to reverse the ileostomy and among other things has developed a very strange thing happening. She has air bubbles coming out of her urethra and she is sure it is from the urethra. She also noticed today that she has a mucous brown discharge from there also and that it happens when she is about to discharge fecal matter. She has no control of the anal sphincter, I believe the muscles atrophied with disuse while she had the ileostomy. Not only did the allopathic community scare her into all of this they did not tell her many of the side effects and things that would take place after surgery. I hear you say all of the time how angry it makes you and this is just another blatant example of their abuse.
I researched this today and only found forums where a lot of women complained about this and their doctors treated them like they were crazy, I found three possible answers, one some type of fistula, a pelvic floor weakness, or bladder spasms. I know she is acidic and burning, I keep trying to turn her to the Wellville path.
What do you think this air and discharge could be coming from the urethra? I so appreciate your help you are a generous man, God bless you for what you do!

19:50 — Liz – Last night something happened on Facebook which I found quite disturbing. A few of us are doing the Master Cleanse together & someone posted an observation regarding the salt water flush. A few are doing it, a few aren't & we are all aware that you do not recommend it. My question is this: are you ok with people doing & discussing things that you don't recommend on Facebook? I'm saying this because last night one lady got so upset that she threatened to leave the group saying how much it had changed and that she was concerned that you'd be up for 'death liability' and other strange stuff which was honestly bordering on paranoia (especially as you don't even recommend the salt flush!). I would like to think that you would rather us be open minded, open hearted healers as opposed to Robert Morse devotees that can't think for themselves. I'd love your thoughts on this because sadly it can get a little nasty as well as very weird on Facebook as you have some followers who treat you like an absolute God and can't cope with anyone saying anything that goes against your teachings.

34:51 – Carl – Hi Robert my name is Carl from North Carolina. I absolutely love your videos, I've watched around 100 of them now, I intend to watch them all, and the knowledge that I am picking is incredible and I want to thank you for what you have done. You have put me on the right path and getting to wellville is only a matter of time. I have a question about filtering. Just because Im not filtering huge chucks of mucus can we still filter out acids? I am partially filtering, I am starting to see small amounts now, very small. But again, even without seeing lots of sediment can you still be detoxing? and removing?

10 Comments on Questions & Answers 254 – Rectum Lesion, Master Cleanse, Filtering

  1. the timestamps are superb.

  2. I did a 15 day master cleanse exactly as presented by Burroughs.  I HATED the salt water flush…so unnatural; 🙁

  3. little trouble in big texas >.<

  4. Speaking of cancer treatment, here in the UK GPs who don’t refer enough people to the oncologists for chemo and radiation are going to be name and shamed according to the mainstream media aka government. Ignorance and negativity have no limits sadly.

  5. Dr Morse,
    If I didn’t have a 12-year old, who Im in the middle of raising, I would come to you and donate much of my life to help your angelship(?)(if there was such a word) to help the sick and needy. Only because you are one of the best out there caring for those who are truly in trouble.  Maybe I will certify through you and then set a low to no cost operation.  Thank you for being you…

    • What about moving you and your 12 year old to Dr.Morses Area and do it.. it sound like it is your calling.. But at this moment you will say you have other things that thwart you from doing so.. just do it:D 

    • Im still trying to heal my body. I have many issues I am working on and plus the raising my 12 year old. At some point I plan to set up a network into Dr Morses’ team and aid others in their healing. For now I will have to stick to the internet. I should get more involved with his facebook  group and  Are you connected to any of these?

  6. I wish my doctor had these views. When I told him I became vegan, he said that is not good for you.

  7. “You don’t even want to know you have a physical body.”

    Yes!!! That’s what I want.

  8. I love the stuff at about 24:00, brilliant. I feel so much healthier after starting on the fruits.

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