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Rapping with Dr. Morse

Rapping with Dr. Morse and two questions from Monica and Jenny

– Monica – I'm just sitting in a medical clinic awaiting a post Minor accident X-Ray and thought, How about a Dr.Morse video on how Detoxification Specialists and Detoxifiers alike can troubleshoot alongside allopathic healthcare.

– Jenny – 17-year-old from Canada. In the past I have dealt with a lot of acne breakouts which I have now managed to control, however, I now have pigmentation problems in that some of my skin is darker compared to the rest of my skin. What would you advise to me?

19 Comments on Rapping with Dr. Morse

  1. Looking HOT Morse!!!!

  2. Great video. May God continue to bless you.


  3. You are such a blessing to my soul!

  4. Don´t you have any better remedy for happiness and health, than that I am the golden key to it….that´s such a strong remedy….afraid I can´t handle it :)….I actually believe that is the big problem, most people can´t handle it.  It´s way to strong and effective 😉

  5. God bless you 🙂 I am going raw!

  6. Oh I needed to listen to this subject sooo much! Thank you Dr Morse for this video and for all your work!! I love you!! ♡

  7. Oh I needed to listen to this subject sooo much! Thank you Dr Morse for this video and for all your work!! I love you!! ♡

  8. Great video Doc. Btw you look younger!

  9. I am so upset. Today, in Hawaii, a 3 yr old girl has died because of a greedy dentist and her staff over medicated this girl, said she needed a unneccessary root canal, scared her parents into doing with this procedure. Now, this poor childless parents are suing this doctor for this negligence. I hope they also take away her license too. Similarly, I heard a 13 yr old girl in California is fighting for her life because doctors recommened to remove her tonsils too which she didn’t need. What is wrong with this medical community1?

  10. Happy new year Dr. Morse.
    Thank you for your time and passion used sharing this essential information with us.

  11. I love this video and will watch it over and over. Thank you Dr. Morse.  Hugs to you.

  12. What about bluegreen algae, or spirulina, or chorella? Are any of these good for healing or daily regenerating? Thank you, I love your talk.

  13. You are the best, Dr. Morse! Thank you for all that you do! Peace and much love!!

  14. Doc, please, please ,please, please do MORE videos like this… They are incredible therapy. God bless you! 

  15. can you offer insight on a possible grey matter cleanse? is there such a thing?

  16. I love you Doc, you are simply amazing!

  17. Perfect!! I loved it…

  18. Second Watch…Just So Awesome!! Cant get enough of this!!! Love You Dr Morse!!

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