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Re-uploaded Questions 111 Part 5

In This Video:

– Healing Crisis
– Chronic Sinuses/Dandruff
– Capsules or Tinctures
– Cavities & Root Canals
– Sore knees & Hips
– Gas After Eating
– Liver Gallbladder Flush
– Algae's
– Osteopathy
– Alcohol in Formulas
– Calories
– 7 Year Old Scoliosis
– Diabetes

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6 Comments on Re-uploaded Questions 111 Part 5

  1. So starches like brown rice is feeding fungus and worms. So how can i go raw and get enough calories (2500 to 3000) to prevent weight loss? and keep muscle. Don’t I need the starches like lentils, sweet potatoes and brown rice.

  2. The prevailing view (in raw vegan health circles) is that it’s the stored grains which develop moulds, not sweet potatoes, yams or other tubers. Plus, some raw’ers were touting pouring not too hot water over oatmeal, cuz it is healthy, but it is not raw. Because of this mould problem they subject oats & other grains to a high heat steam treatment. Then proteins R our body’s building blocks, but fruits & veges do contain all the needed amino acids, which R the building blocks of proteins.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I am planning to do fitness modelling and I want to stay vegan and even go raw but I do not want to lose muscle. The only way I know how keep muscle is through starches Mainly brown rice. I did not know sweet potatoes do not develop mould.

  4. Dr. Morse I will be starting your protocol soon. I am waiting for my classes to be done so I can focus just on my health. I have SLE. I have been taking immunosuppressant medication for almost 7 years now. I wanted to ask how this would interfere with any healing crisis. If the immune system is what starts to detox and heal with the herbs and fruit fast, will the immunosuppression interfere with me getting better?

  5. Well of course they will develop mould, as part’n parcel of decomposition (composting), but if they look & feel fresh, they’re good to go. Look up the “protein myth”. I’ve heard it spoken about on youtube by raw vegans & health proponents. There are many vegan athletes who develop and maintain muscle mass. I don’t even try so not an issue for me. It’s just good to have info corroborated & rounded out by other sources

  6. Awesome Rawsome Lifestyle // 16th April 2012 at 5:38 pm //

    Zucchini hummus can also be made with Hempini, or with hemp seeds, if you have a high powered blender like the Vitamix.

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