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Sauna Exposed: What Happens To Your Body After Using A Sauna

Sauna Benefits For Longevity, Health, Immune System & More…

Saunas have been a fascination of mine for many years. I am very fortunate to live practically next door to one of the best spa’s in the UK, Nirvana Spa.

My pharmacy job was so stressful that one of the few things I looked forward to was getting home and heading straight to Nirvana. Feeling the intense heat for the first time after a days work left me with a glow the whole evening allowing me to forget about the strain of the day. It did wonders for my psychological well being, perhaps even saving me from a nervous breakdown or two. Little did I know what wonders it was doing deep inside my physiology until recently.

I was drawn back to the sauna when I became very sick with stress again from the autoimmune condition, ulcerative colitis I had suffered from in 2010. Inside the sauna I felt for the first time how the effect of intense heat can enhance the power of meditation and pranayama breathwork as I had learned ancient techniques for being able to control your autonomic nervous system. Then after I delved into neuroscience and brain wave therapy, I discovered how saunas can help create a surge of alpha brainwaves and even increase blood flow to important brain centers that deal with the cognitive power of the brain, perception and awareness.


It was during my visit to Wim Hof and during our time creating music that I first met Dr Rhonda Patrick. Rhonda has an amazing understanding of human physiology and the current scientific evidence that explains the benefits of various ancient practices such as saunas, ice baths and meditation. I was fascinated by her knowledge on saunas and the verified research that supports its remarkable benefits to human health and wellbeing, confirming why I felt them myself when I sought sanctuary in the steam and sauna’s of Nirvana Spa.

History Of Sauna Use

Saunas were first utilised some 4000 years ago and much research has been carried out as to the health benefits. A sauna is one of the top methods utilised to flush toxins from the body as it causes you to sweat profusely, forcing toxins such as heavy metals to the surface of your skin. A deep sweat is a great way to release toxicity from the body which has built up from exposure to various environmental elements such as pollution and also chemicals which are commonly found in refined foods we consume. Saunas have even been found to burn calories and aid in weight loss due to your body’s elimination of toxins, which in turn increases your metabolism. Saunas have also been found to greatly reduce the stress hormone cortisone, which has been linked to weight gain.


Saunas are commonly used for post-workout muscle tightness and pain. The heat from the sauna allows the muscles to relax and can speed up healing and recovery time, allowing a more rapid return to your workout without experiencing continual muscle pain. Fitness goals can then in

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