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Spiritual Rapping and Q&A 546 – Lazy Eye, Stinging Nettle, Urine Retention, Bladder Spasms.

Spiritual rapping and Q&A 546

19:47 – Felicia – Hi Dr. Morse. You are an absolute life saver and I love you so much. I want to ask you about what I can do for my 5.5 month old baby. He has a lazy eye, it tilts inwards for a large portion of the day. Sometimes his other eye does it as well, but it's more so in just one eye. The medical doctor we took him to wants to put an eye patch on the stronger eye, to encourage the lazy eye to "re-wire" and start working more, and if it doesn't work then he wants to do surgery. When I looked up the surgery, I found out it only really helps the esthetic look of the eye and doesn't address the root problem, which I knew already anyways. How can I help my son with his lazy eyes? I feel so awful. He was NOT vaccinated, but I ended up in the hospital for an emergency C-section after attempting an all natural home birth, so was bullied into giving him the vitamin K shot when I was on all the drugs. I'm not sure if the vitamin K shot caused this? I also ate a SAD diet when I was pregnant with him. He is exclusively breastfed and we have not introduced anything other than breast milk yet. Thank you so much Dr. MORSEI Please help my baby avoid surgery and everything that goes with it.

36:32 – Beverly- In one of your illustrious work you indicated that Stinging Nettle is
specific for the treatment of Arthritis and Rheumatism. However, have not seen this vital herb listed in any of the ingredients in your ‘Healthy joints preparation or or in your 'Bone & Connective Tissue Support' Can you advise on the rational behind the absence of this herb in these preparations or does it go by another scientific name.

46:34 – My name is Wallace and I am a 36 year old male dealing with multiple conditions. Urine retention/Bladder spasms, sensitivity in stomach along with pain tightness, tightness in lower back, pain radiates down legs and up the my chest, throat tightness, back of neck/head, brain fog, blurry vision, leg weakness, tingling and numbess off and on, fautigue, always tired. Nerve pain throughout my body making it hard to function. Also my temperature is consistently around 96 or 97 upon waking, BP around 95/63 on average for both arms the pass couple of weeks but the left arm usually is consistently lower. Not much sedement coming from urine at all. One average bowel per day, sometime 2 – 3 but not very often. This consistent pain has been going on for atleast 3 years but offand on minor symptoms for atleast 6 or so years. I have been to numerous doctors, tried diets and protocols. I have been subscribed alot of antibiotics over the years, the most recent has been in January 2020. I have been subscribed prescriptions Oxybutinin and Tamsulosin for bladder spasms. Also subscribed Gabapentin for nerve pain/spasms. Those are the only 2 I have been contemplating on taking for normal daily functions but haven't done so yet due to so much toxicity already being in my body from previous prescriptions and antibiotics taken over the years.

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  1. So needed this! Thank you so much! Much love to each and every single one of you!!

  2. The Earth Is Falling The Sky Is Looking For You // 25th October 2020 at 7:13 pm //

    I harvest and eat Stinging Nettles, Javanese Knotweef is also One of my Favorites. i Express Much in Poetry. I just have too, it just happens

  3. what was the name of the book he was recommending at the start?

  4. Allopathic and Lawyers (politicians) are in in this coronamess!!!
    Thank you Dr Morse for sharing!!!♥️

  5. Dr Morse spitting facts

  6. Eyes mind heart and soul wide open no fear…..

  7. this IS the best Sunday school teacher ever…

  8. Asthma symptoms 85% better now. I went hard for a year, now I eat fruit in the morning and some fish and other things. I began working out now and my head is draining like crazy. Thank you

  9. Thank you Mr Morse!!!!! You were the one opening my eyes to this world. Hugs xxx

  10. Veterinarians do the same to animals as allopathic doctors do to humans with their myriad vaccines and medications and crappy food recommendations. Dogs Naturally has a decent YouTube channel and on line newsletter. They are like the Dr. Morse of the pet world. I hope this helps someone to better care for their beloved pet. As always, thank you Dr. Morse. ❤️

  11. Christ comes quickly. As it was in the days of Noah shall soon be again. Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

  12. wow I almost feel privileged to say this because I think of you as like the all knower of everything and my hero . But Dr Morris they don’t put you under when you go into C-section they just numb you from basically the ribs down

  13. Isn’t coconut milk a nut? Wondering ❤️

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