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Spirituality Continued 2-3-202

Spirituality Continued 2-3-202

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Disclaimer The information given by Robert Morse in these videos are strictly for education purposes only. They do not involve the diagnosing, treatment or prescribing of remedies for the treatment of diseases. Recommendations made in these recordings are not considered consultations or recommended individual protocols. Individual consultations and protocols through Dr. Morse are given by appointment only via contact through his clinic.

12 Comments on Spirituality Continued 2-3-202

  1. Simmie Davis simmie sings // 5th February 2021 at 7:55 pm //

    Peace and blessings Dr Morse

  2. Keeping them coming Doc

  3. “Knowledge is with you. It is in you, but you cannot reach for it and grab it, take hold of it and use it for yourself. Rather, it represents the promise within you that you have a greater identity and a greater purpose in the world. It represents the promise that there are greater relationships within the world, which you can find and develop given the correct understanding and the realization of an underlying purpose in life which is yours specifically to fulfill. Here your definition of your purpose must remain undefined, for in truth it is something that will come together very slowly. You cannot simply identify it and say, “This is it. This is why I am here. This is what I will do.” Many people do that, but that is reckless. It only reveals their impatience and their ambitions. The real discovery of Knowledge and purpose is something quite different.

    It is very important to give Knowledge a practical definition in the world, for Knowledge must lead to action. As an idea or an ideal, its value is very limited. As a motivating force that leads you, guides you, and even at times impels you to do certain things that transcend your personal interests, Knowledge has a meaningful definition. This is the experience of Knowledge.

    You may have difficulty with the word God and with other kinds of words that have been implanted in religious traditions with which you are familiar or from which you have developed since childhood. However, Knowledge is the very core of your spirituality. You reunite with God through Knowledge. You reunite with yourself through Knowledge. You reunite with others through Knowledge. Knowledge is the medium.”

    A quote from the most beautiful free online book of spiritual preparation entitled *Greater Community Spirituality* – Chapter 4: What is Knowledge?

  4. I love you dr morse <3

  5. I love the Spirituality Segments and would love to take classes!!!!! <3

  6. Its taken 58 yrs to find a place ive started to understand and belong..lost and now found…i call my dog morse after the man who gave me the energy back to survive…good days bad days my only regret is never having the money to go on one of his iridology courses..i thanku for changing the path im on..showing me the sign post to wellness….thankyou x

  7. I challenge you to freak me out. Tell me everything. I could listen to you for a life time and what a life well spent. Hahaha

    • Isn’t listening this dude talk quite addictive? To me it kinda is haha
      He has something so different and special about him and the way he communicates. Even beyond his health advice, something special for sure.

  8. Thank you Dr Morse !!!! You are s blessing to this world !!!!!!

  9. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I am so honored to be your student! a student of THE master!!!a student for Life!!!

  10. They only make people like you every 50.000 years, brother. Lots of love.

  11. Always so grateful and happy to listen to you. I dreamt of you walking on water the other night, love you <3

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