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19 Comments on Submitted Eye Pictures

  1. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! // 13th December 2012 at 11:22 am //

    im with you Dr Morse. we LOVE you! well done for standing up and making a stand. this is ACTION!! love u ! im with you 100% . ill start right now by sharing this video. blessings 🙂 <3

  2. Here in Europe they are implementing the Codex Law BIG time as well, soooo I’m with you Dr. Morse and many, many others ;-)))) It’s a World wide issue that has to be solved as many more…. Greetings from Spain!

  3. The days of government ended long ago. Now there is only a world wide criminal cartel.

  4. Thanks for reading my eyes Dr. Morse!
    It was surprising how you get into the right points…
    I will save the photos to a before and after and I send it to you! 😀
    Hope you can ask my questions too… If not, it’s ok. I’m already veeery greateful!

    See you one day on your classes!!
    Thanks again!

    ps: my name is pronounced “Vytor”…

  5. That was perfect a perception, it is almost eerie… My stomach is screwed up… If I eat anything off of your diet recommendations, my stomach twitches, and my lower chest/upper stomach feels painful. When I used to eat inorganic, I would get aid reflux almost every time. Proteins, animal products, or nuts and my chest hurts bad, radiating from my stomach. I am getting the heal all tea. I just got the 10 week protocol and look forward to our appointment Jan 30th, for followup. Thank you thank

  6. Dr. Morse… plz be careful.. our federal government has ways of causing ppl to “disappear” if they start to pose too much of a threat. would probably be in your best interest to even hire a body guard. love you!

  7. is anyone else having problems emailing Dr Morse’s team to place orders?

  8. Syrian president? You mean the fellow that when he drove around the street in his country his people celebrated him. Your scum government released prisoners and empowered CIA assets to overthrow this man. Why because he was going off your dollar for oil trade. Democracy is a plague you see it in the FDA yet you don’t see it everywhere.

  9. I hear you guys talk about blue and brown eyes….. what is a Green eye? or is it really a blue eye ? and Why?

  10. It makes no sense that You are being attacked for trying to bring people to health, yet no action is taken against allopathic medicine which is Killing millions. What is wrong with this planet?
    Amen to the LOVE and TRUTH. Love is my ‘religion’. : )
    Sending You LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  11. I am from Ft myers

  12. any way you can read brown eyes or only blue ones?

  13. Most likely they will sick the IRS on to you and try to destroy you financially.

  14. The simple answer is our government is corrupt. The government pass the laws the large corporations( including drug companies) want them to pass through bribes. Although these large companies cover up the bribes well by having lobbyists(that work for these large companies) make political contributions to their party’s political campaigns.

  15. Yes thank you! THANK YOU YES!!! May God bless you!

  16. 🙂

  17. errmm… wtf? This guy finds a connection in an eye ball, to parts of the body? There is no connection between the eye and parts of the body. I think this guy is taking advantage of desperate people or just crazy.

  18. “I’ve seen a lot of beautiful ladies in here with MS–but they look good on the outside.”

    That pretty much quashes iridology, doesn’t it? Maybe we should reevaluate what is “beautiful” so that we can regain our sight again when it comes to spotting genetic weaknesses and disease.

  19. Thaaaank youuu so much for sharing your knowlegde. Wow. I’ve just taken a course in iridology (to get the paper hehe), but I’ve learned soo much from you.

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