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This Free Medicine Can Heal Both Body And Mind In Amazing Ways

Would you be interested if I told you there’s a free and easily accessible ‘medicine’ that can decrease blood pressure, improve your mood, reduce chronic pain, help stroke recovery, lower your heart rate, calm and ease your mind, boost your immunity and enhance your ability to learn?

Well, music does all those things and it’s pretty enjoyable too!

Music can help to reduce feelings of depression by %25. The genre and topic of the music have a lot to do with the impact that it has on the mind and body… For example, if you’re listening to positive and uplifting lyrics, it can help reduce stress and fill your mind with a brighter outlook on life.

Studies have also shown that heart rates will rise and fall in accordance with the tempo of the music, so if you listen to a fast paced song your heart rate will increase and a slow song will relax your pulse. Slow music then, can produce its own calming effect by producing hormones that improve your immune response and raise endorphin levels just by relaxing your heart!

You may have already heard of the Mozart effect, where listening to Mozart’s music enhances brain power and learning. Many mums will have played his music to their babies in hopes that it will help their development. And they’re not wrong! Baroque music, has a 60 beat per minute pattern, which activates both the right and the left side of the brain, allowing you to process information a lot more easily and heightening your ability to recall information.

Music can also bridge a gap between people with disabilities such as autism, help sufferers of dementia and Alzheimers and so much more…

Basically, music has the wonderful power to heal, it’s free therapy! So get listening, playing and singing along to your favorite tunes!

In the video below you will see Henry and old man who clearly is very alone and is often simply unresponsive. That is, until you play him some of his favourite music. When you see how his face lights up it will fill your heart with joy. This is the power of music!

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