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20 Comments on Who Is Dr Morse Part 2

  1. @jgfergus Thanks for the info BUT I will keep repeat I feel good , in good heath and shape , no need for doctors or medication and all that because of HALAL MEAT and HALAL FOOD. take care

  2. HALAL MEAT AND HALAL FOOD?you mean beef is good and bacon is bad?i HAD blood pressure and i used to get shoulder pain from beef same as Pork.i don’t eat meat anymore regardless of sharia law ,gave up my blood pressure pills and happily riding my bike.i was born in a Muslim country and i disagree with you.

  3. 0:00 Air Chemistry
    0:35 Energy sources
    0:57 Oranges
    1:42 Out of body experience
    4:04 Open yourself up
    4:42 Silence
    5:16 Talking to God
    6:12 Control ego
    6:38 Dietary judgment
    6:57 IRS, judges, corruption
    8:00 Health food stores

  4. La Nueva Era de Acuario // 26th February 2012 at 8:30 pm //

    Dr. Robert the way I see it, Your Inner being is completely ready for the final Truth. Waste no time. Read works of V.M. SAMAEL AUN WEOR. He is the true and only AVATAR of the new age of Acuarius…INVERENCIAL PEACE!!!


  6. He has about 1600 fans in a Facebook group and I thought one or two of them might like the job. 8)

  7. Outstanding

  8. Great video. Thank you.

  9. Myselfenergy my fell good now but in a few years he will not feel so good with acidosis from eating HALAL MEAT.

  10. Take the litmus paper test to see if your saliva is acid or alkaline(do this when you wake up before you drink or eat anything).If your saliva is alkaline you are probably ok but if your saliva is acid then you are degenerating and must eat raw fruit to get to an alkaline state.Best of health to you.

  11. You are right about the federal judges! something has to be done! I am with you!!! thank you.

  12. Look at Belsebuubdotcom for lots of free teachings on astral travel.

  13. I’m so blessed to have found this channel!! Thank you Dr. Morse and everyone who is working with you to spread this knowledge to the world.

  14. Much love from Sweden <3 

  15. I’m listening through all the videos again. I never tire of hearing Dr Morse! 🙂

    • Tinni The Tinfoil Hatter // 5th August 2018 at 5:43 pm //

      If I may utter my diagnosis : You’re in love 😉 You see him as an equal partner because he’s generous giving you an abundance of love … BUT you could also be memorizing all good parts of his video’s in order to bring a truthful message/warning for anyone.
      You could easily be an Angel @Helen Perala

  16. I hope that you realize Citrus + Oranges should have SEEDS… Only Limes come naturally as Seedless…
    We should not be eating Seedless Grapes, Watermelons, etc.

    • I disagree with you with only one fruit. Grapes come from nature naturally without seeds (and some with). These plants are propagated by selection only, so we get them that way. No chemicals or any other genetic manipulation. Please research before telling me I am wrong. I could be but all my research tells me I am not.

  17. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Morse!! He is going to save/change my life forever!!!!! God bless and protect you Dr. Morse!!

  18. Interesting and unrealistic perspective

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