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19 Comments on Who Is Dr Morse? Part One

  1. Have any of these ‘miraculous’ spinal cord recoveries been documented ?

  2. I read books ‘moron’. GET A LIFE !!

  3. Do you think that breatharianism is a evolutionary adaptation that will be useful in survival into the uncertain future?

  4. yea just like you cant live on a round earth without falling off

  5. I know another naturopath who has also taken someone out of a wheelchair and made them walk again. Although, his was done through spinal manipulation. While he doesn’t have his on film, there is no reason not to believe him. When you develop rapport with someone, your experience and understanding is different than someone who doesn’t know them. Would you always ask your mother for proof of what she tells you? Also, compare Morse to others, does he sound like a Charlton? if so, shame on me!

  6. Thanks for a cool vid dr Morse. I like your open minded and non judgmental approach. Would you do a youtube demonstration of cutting yourself and not bleeding or having pain like other people do for us to see? Ive heard people speak of these things, but have not yet been able to have someone show it.

  7. This guy doesnt seem very educated for a “doctor”. He sounded like a 5th grader doing a book report when talking about seeing story about Australopithecus on NatGeo.

  8. You mean you call it how you think it is…

  9. Don’t knock it till you try it, folks. Truth resonates in us when spoken. I am hearing Truth.

  10. Vista Life Carrollton team // 18th March 2013 at 4:45 pm //

    Hello , I like to know what I can do I’m hiv pos?

  11. LOOK UP) DR> PETER DEUTCHE- do not take the meds they want to give you. look up John Bergman also. he reverses all diseases & tells you how to on video including HIV & aids. you most likely DONT have it-because the tests test for proteins, NOT A VIRUS> look up the Aids hoax, look up Shirley’s Wellness Cafe website. Also look up Dr. Tent. All of this has been weaponized. also look up Herbalist Sebi’s website & eat only whats on that list under nutrition. truth & love. if you have any Q’s,askme

  12. my mistake, i meant, Peter Duesberg. & yes, there are numerous ppl who are scared to death of free thinkers, like peter duesberg, so numerous doctors who stand to lose much by peter duesberg speaking out, & ACTUALLY CURING PPL’S HIV/AIDS, so theyve tried to discredit. him.i say tried, because the proof is all there-this man is reversing HIV aids, allopathic doctors arent. they put my dad on AZT, he started dying. i took him off-started thriving.-stay away from the meds. ALL meds damage

  13. ….. the body’s innate consciousness. Meditate on that!

  14. thank you very much

  15. Love you Dr. Morse, you’ve come so far in your videos. I always return to the beginning. Thank you for all you do, I am forever grateful. ❤️

  16. Sweet Raw Healing // 5th July 2016 at 8:18 pm //

    There is a guy who calls himself Dave the raw food trucker, and he cured his deadly colon cancer by doing a green juice fast. He is on facebook and there are a lot of youtube videos about him 🙂 He is still alive.

  17. Thank you so much for every word dear Dr Morse. xx

  18. One of the best channels i have discovered. subscribed!!! 🙂 thank you Dr. Morse

  19. Humans were created in the Garden of Eden as Plant eaters, and those are that contain SEEDS…thus fruits,
    but the Animals were created to eat Veggies and Greens… Genesis 1:29-31

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