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You Are Probably Eating Carcinogenic Apples. This is what you need to know about your apples

The Importance Of Spending That Extra Dollar A Pound, To Buy Organic Apples…

Farmers can’t afford to loose most or even some of their crops to bugs and fungus rot. Conventional farmers limit their losses by spraying the trees and apples with various pesticides to kill and prevent these threats.

There are 47 different pesticide residue found on conventional apples. Of these pesticides, the dangers include:

Human Health Effects:
6 — Known or Probable Carcinogens

16 — Suspected Hormone Disruptors

5 — Neurotoxins

6 — Developmental or Reproductive Toxins

Environmental Effects:
11 — Honeybee Toxins5
Are you eating and feeding apples to your family for a healthy snack? Think again, apples have the highest amount of pesticide residue of fruits and vegetables.

Washing the fruit is not enough. The pesticides can leech into the apple itself, past the protective peel.

These pesticides are found in the highest concentration within the residue on the apples. From 83% -29%

•Diphenylamine (DPA): **

•Thiabendazole: possible carcinogen, developmental or reproductive toxin

•Pyrimethanil: possible carcinogen, hormone disruptor and possible bee toxin

•Chlorantraniliprole: **

•Acetamiprid: bee toxin
In a lesser quantity, these dangerous toxins are found in the residue.

•Diazinon: hormone disruptor, neurotoxin, developmental or reproductive toxin, bee toxin

•Carbaryl: carcinogen, hormone disruptor, neurotoxin, developmental or reproductive toxin, bee toxin

•o-Phenylphenol: carcinogen, reproductive toxin, bee toxin

•Chlorpyrifos: hormone disruptor, neurotoxin, bee toxin

•Azinphos methyl: hormone disruptor, neurotoxin, probable bee toxin

•Phosmet: neurotoxin, bee toxin, possible carcinogen

Countless studies have revealed, pesticides have been linked to ADHD, Alzheimer’s Disease, reproductive and birth defects, as well as cancer. Pesticides can cause harm to the nervous system and the endocrine system by disrupting hormones. Pesticides can pass from the mother during pregnancy which can be very harmful to the developing baby. These pesticides can also be passed through the breast milk of a nursing mother and child.

These dangerous pesticides build up in your body creating detrimental health problems. Whenever possible I suggest spending a little extra for the organic fruits and vegetables.

These are the “Dirty Dozen”. The conventional fruits and vegetables that should be avoided due to the highest amount of pesticide residue:

Sweet bell peppers
Cherry tomatoes
Snap peas
Organic farmers utilize insect traps, careful selection of crops that are of disease-resistant varieties, and protection provided by predator insects and beneficial microorganisms. If the farmer has to use a spray on their organic plants, it must be derived from natural sources, applied using equipment that has not been used for any synthetic chemicals for the past three years, and the land cannot have been treated with synthetic chemical ingredients for 3 years as well, to remain “Organic”.

No carcinogens, No hormone disruptors, No neurotoxins, No worries of harmful toxic residue on organic apples.
** A pesticide residue may not be listed as carcinogenic, neurotoxic, hormone-disrupting or as a reproductive or developmental toxicant for either of two reasons: (1) it may have been studied for toxicity in one or more of these categories and the weight of the evidence did not support designating it as toxic, or (2) it may not have been studied.

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